What is a Mobile Site ?

A Mobile Website is merely a simplified version of your current site designed in a way to ensure pleasing esthetics and optimal performance on Mobile Devices. Your current site was designed to perform well on a full sized monitor with a user who has access to a keyboard and mouse. A Mobile Site will have the same look and feel as your regular site but will provide a more effective user experience. Graphics will be sized and resolved to fit the smaller screens of Mobile Devices. Fonts will be bigger and easier to read eliminating zooming and scrolling and navigation will be simplify even for non touch screen devices 

There are hundreds of thousands of people using their mobile devices to search for products and services that you offer.  If you have no mobile site, you aren’t going to be considered in these searches.  If by chance, you are included, your regular web site is not “optimized” for mobile standards.  Mobile users want “just the facts” (name, how to contact, what you do, where you are, etc.).  Quite simply, they want a very fast-loading web site that requires minimal navigation.